6/30/13 Walgreen’s Beginner’s Scenario

This 6/30 beginner’s scenario will  yield you a Renu contact solution, 1 Starbucks refresher, a 2 pk Gum toothbrushes and 2 scotch mailers or wexford tape – all for $3.21 or less OOP with a gain of $2.

This scenario is written for Walgreens beginners.  Our last beginner’s scenario ended with a $2 RR and $2.50 RR to get us started this week.  If you don’t have any RRs or points to get you started, that’s ok – you’ll just pay more OOP (out of pocket) this week, but will be right there with us for next week!

Transaction 1
1 Renu Solution @ 7.99
2 Scotch Mailers or Wexford tape @ 1.98
subtotal: $9.97
use $2.00 off Bausch & Lomb renu solution
use in ad Q for mailers or tape (takes off $1.20)
use $2 RR and $2.50 RR from our last scenario
new total: $2.27, get 5,000 points.

Transaction 2
1 Gum Micro Tip Toothbrush or Deep Clean 2 pk Toothbrushes @ 2.49
1 Starbucks Refresher @ 1
subtotal: $3.49
use $.55/1 or $1/1 Gum Product, exp. 7/31/13 (05/19 SS#2 R)
redeem 2,000 points for $2
New total: $.49-$.94, get $2.50 RR and $1 RR

Totals: $13.46 at sale prices for $2.76 – $3.21 OOP.  Start with $4.50 in RRs and end with $3.50 in RRs and 3,000 points. That’s a $2 gain :-)

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